Hey There!

We are Joe and Jen, a husband-and-wife team of wedding and family photographers based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Together we create honest images of our couples' most important memories.

Joe’s bio by Jen: Joe is SO NICE. Right when you meet him it’s obvious how genuine and truly great he is. He is driven, positive, super cute, and simply the best life partner a girl could ask for. Two of his greatest passions are photography and sports, but the title of "Joe’s favorite thing" probably goes to hot dogs (Chicago style).

Jen’s bio by Joe: She is the definition of a great thing coming in a small package. She has a huge heart and is filled with fun, kindness, great looks, and a brilliant mind. She’s also a hell of a cook! I haven't stopped loving her since our first date, and the best day of my life was seeing her as a bride.


Our life

A lot of our life is dedicated to this ‘lil business of ours, but here’s a look at more of what makes up our world!

  • Spending time with our loved ones keeps us balanced. We visit our families whenever we can, and we love hosting dinners and parties for our crew of friends.

  • We live in a 92 year old bungalow in South Minneapolis, and we always have a project or two going around the house. It’s one of our favorite ways to get creative and bond together, and it’s just so special to be able to make a little place in the world together.

  • This year we adopted two kittens, Phyllis and Bob Vance - any Office fans out there? They are SO snuggly and funny, and even though we work three feet away from each other we text pictures of them back and forth all day long. One day we hope to add a pup to our crew!

  • FOOD. Food is a big one for us. We love checking out new restaurants, but Italian Eatery, Colita, and Sea Salt are our standby favs. Most nights we experiment with new recipes and ingredients in our tiny kitchen. Joe is a pro at making fresh pasta, and Jen is a pro at eating fresh pasta. Here are a few of our fav recipes: Delicious Tortellini Dish (so satisfying), Turmeric Chicken Stew (we make once a week), Fish Tacos (for outdoor cookin’!), and Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce (classic).

  • We love exploring new places together, and we have big travel dreams! Getting outside of our element helps us to stay open-minded, curious, and inspired, and it’s a huge priority in our lives. We welcome any can’t-miss additions to our bucket list.

  • We got married ourselves in 2017, and it was the best week ever. It happened on a cliffside in Sayulita, Mexico, and a donkey named Igor was present. Check out the full story on our wedding week right here!


Our Approach

As a couple in love ourselves we're sentimental about documenting love for others, and photographing peoples’ most important moments is what fulfills us most. We're curious, intuitive, empathetic, and always ready to join in on the fun. It’s super important to us to build genuine relationships with our couples and their people. This is key to making honest images that show real moments and personalities, and it’s also our favorite part of the job!

Our approach is documentary-style at its core. For the majority of a wedding day we focus on anticipating and beautifully capturing the unique candid moments that unfold so you can hold on to them forever. We are discreet and respectful of letting moments happen, but we aren’t afraid to step in when more hands-on directing is necessary - hello, group shots! It’s our top goal to help make your day as amazing as possible, and we encourage connection, real personalities, and of course FUN whenever possible.

Why two of us? We believe two veteran photographers are best to document the many moments that make up a wedding day, and we work together seamlessly so no moment goes uncovered. On top of our six years of experience and over 150 weddings photographed together, Joe has his BFA in photography and Jen has her Masters in business management. To put it simply: we know and love our craft.

More on our philosophy here!

Our Couples

By far our favorite part of what we do is our couples. A little bit about them: they focus intention on what really matters. They are so pumped to be committing their lives to each other with the support of their very favorite people. They are okay with doing things against the grain, avoiding convention and tradition if it simply doesn’t make sense for their relationship. They tend to trust us a whole lot, and they’re willing to be present and open with us.

Most importantly, our couples mean so much to us because we get to know them - not just the flowers or linens they choose, but their true selves. We listen to them and we laugh with them, and we are so lucky to have made so many lifelong friends through this work over the years. We get to make their best memories permanent and we get to do it together, making this the best ‘job’ in the world!


All Are Welcome Here

Inclusivity is extremely important to us. We strongly support the equal right to love and dignity for all sexes, races, religions, orientations, abilities, and identities. If you feel otherwise, then we are likely not the best fit for you.

What’s Next?

If all of this sounds like what you’re looking for in a couple of photographers, start by getting in touch here! We’ll be so pumped to hear from you, then we’ll set up a double date at our studio (or via FaceTime if you live out of town). We fully understand the importance of documenting such an exciting time in your lives, and we are so honored that you’ve taken the time to check out our corner of the internet. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Joe and Jen