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Truth time:

An album is the most important thing to account for in your wedding budget. Bold words, we know! But here’s why…

After the planning is done, your dress is packed away, and the party becomes a memory, your album becomes the most lasting keepsake from your wedding - for you two and for generations to come. You and your communities invest months of time, care, and resources into your wedding celebration, and an album provides a permanent home to honor all of the memories that come from that labor of love.

Bringing your photos to life in print allows them to stand the tests of time and technology. Memories as important as those of your wedding shouldn’t end on a phone screen as impermanent files that will become irrelevant as technology advances. We think of digital images as the first step: great for widespread viewing and sharing right now, but temporary in the long run. We think of albums as the final product: a way for your photos to become permanent heirlooms to cherish. It's so special to hold images of your happiest moments and favorite people in your hands, experiencing them as real, tangible treasures outside of a screen and off of social media.

For these reasons our Fine Art Albums are the thing we are most proud to offer our couples!

It was an easy decision to invest in the album, something we’ll have for the rest of our lives to share with friends and family. But we weren’t prepared for how amazing it would turn out! From the moment we started designing with Joe and Jen we knew it’d be special. After putting our own touch on layouts and the cover design we waited for the big reveal. And wow, we were completely blown away! It was like reliving the day all over again, but seeing the photos printed so beautifully honestly gave us a new perspective, we saw detail, even emotions, that we hadn’t noticed before. We will cherish our album for years to come!
— Chelsea and Todd, married 2018

It was the most important day of our lives that we can re-live every time we look at our album.”
-Sammie + Alex, married 2016

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Why print through us?

Although our past couples have approached the DIY printing route with the best of intentions, we’ve found that quality suffers or printing simply doesn't happen due to the inconvenience. We’ve done the research and testing to find the most beautiful and durable albums around, meaning exceptional paper quality, color accuracy, and overall luxury over cheaper big-box alternatives - Shutterfly, etc are cheap for a reason: they won’t last the long haul (and they may look weird).

On top of that, we take the work off your hands! Fine Art Albums are conveniently designed and ordered for you by us, then hand-crafted by a boutique printer that specializes in albums only. The process is collaborative with you every step of the way. First you’ll receive a digital draft of the album layout that has been thoughtfully designed using your favorite images, then you’ll be able to easily edit and approve each page to perfection. This results in a completely custom piece that tells the story of your day, right from the source of the photographers who originally envisioned and created your set of images.

Every time we look at our album (and it’s often!) we are filled with immense joy. The special details of our wedding day and all of the moments - big and small - come to life. Seeing the beautiful photos printed with such quality and placed together in such an impeccable way makes us feel like we are reliving the day over and over again.
— Brittany and Zack, married 2017

“our album is without question the best money we spent on any part of our wedding!”
-kari + cody, married 2016

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The Details

Fine Art Albums come in sizes 10x10 or 12x12 inches with between 20 spreads (40 pages) and 30 spreads (60 pages) available. Between 75-150 of your favorite images are included, depending on the number of spreads.

Albums are constructed with the long run in mind. Your images are printed on archival-quality photographic papers that won’t fade or disintegrate with time. Thick lay-flat pages and hand-stitched binding provide luxury and durability.

A range of cover materials and colors are available, from Italian leathers to hand-dyed linens to perfectly match with the style of your day. Custom cover embossing or foiling adds an extra personal touch.


Albums are best purchased at the start with your wedding photography Collection, including an up-front discount. They can also be added to your package during the planning process or after your wedding, though past couples have found it easiest to build the album in at the front end of their wedding budgets. Flexible payment plans are available, and you can even add our Fine Art Album Registry to your online gift registry so guests can make contributions toward your album.

We would be so honored to create one of these beauties for you to treasure forever. Email us at or conveniently place your order here!

10x10 Inch Fine Art Album
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10x10 Inch Fine Art Album
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Fine Art Albums are curated to visually tell the story of your day, with custom designed layouts, durable construction, and a range of cover materials to choose from. The smaller 10x10 book sits perfectly in your lap or on your coffee table.

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12x12 Fine Art Album
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12x12 Fine Art Album
from 2,000.00

Fine Art Albums are curated to visually tell the story of your day, with custom designed layouts, durable construction, and a range of cover materials to choose from. The larger 12x12 book shows smaller images more impactfully.

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