How to choose art for your home

Printing your wedding, engagement, or family photos is the perfect way to add personalized art to your home. However, between finding the right size, picking which photos to print, choosing the best product, and deciding where to print from, this can be a daunting task. Therefore we've whipped up some tips to help you turn your favorite memories from digital images into real-life art to enjoy each day in your home!

1. SCOUT YOUR Location

Choose a wall or shelf that needs some personalization, and consider what size item would work best in that space. Measuring is your friend! Objects appear smaller than expected on larger walls, so measure and visualize to avoid underestimating the size of a space.

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2. PICK your photo(s)

Here's the tricky part: choosing only a few you love most! Art should stir emotion, so we suggest  choosing photos that make you FEEL the most. It's OK to think outside of the box from straight-on portraits: maybe it's an overall setting shot or an ambiguous detail that feels symbolic of the day, or a photo from your favorite moment that brings you right back into it.

Your Pixieset online gallery makes organizing Favorites easy in advance of the sale - just click the ❤︎ button and quickly start a new list to compare favorites.

Extra tip: Consider the tones in your room, and how they work with the colors in photos you're deciding between. Black and white photos are particularly great for decor - they work with almost all color schemes, so they're flexible if you move or change your home decor in the future. 

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3. Choose THE product

We offer 4 different styles of wall art: Fine Art Prints, Framed Prints, Gallery Wraps, and Standouts. View our Fine Art Items page for more information about each options. View our Printing Guide for size and price options.

If you can't decide on just one image, sets of 2 or 3 are a great option. Hang a set of items side by side to fill more wall space, or lean multiple images on a shelf or floor for a modern layered look.

Otherwise, a Fine Art Album is the ultimate way to tell the full story of the day through more photos.

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4. Print it up

Order away! We make this step easy for you, with the ability to print anything directly through your online gallery, rather than downloading, transferring, and submitting photos to a big-box printer. 

We encourage printing through us via your online gallery, so that your photos are consistent from the vision in our brains all the way through to the tangible final prints. Our prices are slightly higher than Target, Costco, etc. (bulk quantity over quality models) for a reason. The exceptional product quality of our preferred local printer's ink, paper, and construction ensures that your photos will last a lifetime, and we hand-order anything larger than 8x12 inches to ensure perfection. Plus, brownie points for supporting a small business.

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We're always happy to provide recommendations if you're stumped! Feel free to email us at at with any questions.

Thank you for inspiring us, and cheers!
Joe and Jen