Katie and Jon / Playa Fiesta, Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding

We've been so insanely excited to share this destination wedding week bonanza with all of you! This February we got to ditch an especially frigid Minnesota winter to celebrate Katie and Jon's wedding week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and it was absolutely incredible. The week included (but was not limited to) hikes through the jungle, party boats to private beaches, surprise wedding night fireworks, a round of tequila or two, and a whole lot of love and support from all parts of their lives.

An impressive statistic as cited by Jon and Katie's officiant/friend Chris: the RSVP "no" rate for weddings is typically about 20-25%, and for destinations it's more like 30-35%. These two had a whopping 90% PLUS "yes" rate, meaning nearly 100 people took this trip of a lifetime to celebrate with them. Now that's love.

Congrats to Jon and Katie on an unforgettable wedding celebration - we adore you, and we're positive that your marriage will be filled with every bit as much adventure, joy, and community as this week held.

Vendors that made the week:
Playa Fiesta
a&bé bridal shop Denver
Chica Locca Tours

Phil and Tom / St Louis, MO Wedding

We're always so honored to book weddings based on referrals from past Clients - it's truly amazing to see the trust and bond we grow with our couples extend to those they love. Therefore when we booked Phil and Tom's day, after meeting them at Phil's son's wedding, we were psyched!

We ventured to St. Louis to meet up with the crew for a very special weekend of family bonding in the heart of the city, elegant and simple plans, and powerful emotion. Tom and Phil's ceremony in particular was something we'll never forget. More a public declaration of their love and commitment to each other than a traditional officiated ceremony, the words spoken were so raw, honest, and passionate. The love between these two is real, through and through, and it's humbling to be in the presence of a connection with so much depth.

Here's to keeping it in the family!

Vendors that made the day:
Chase Park Plaza, St Louis
True Norse Films

Friend-gagement Session

We took a trip with some of our beloved pals waayyyyy up into the boonies of Minnesota to celebrate summer and the engagement of two of our very best friends Mike and Anya!

Here are a handful of personal photos, with some engagement photos of them thrown in (because we can't not take photos of cute couples). We'll call this a friend-gagement session. PSA: take photos of the people you love! When they're happy, when they're sad, when they have milestones, or when you're all just sitting around on some floaties in the woods.

Sarah and David / North Shore Engagement Session

We must admit: the North Shore is one of our favorite places on earth. We've had so many amazing trips and milestones together up there, and it just has a very special place in our hearts. Therefore we were so excited and honored to take a trip up to document Sarah & David's engagement, since they hold this place so dear as well. These two fatefully met at a New Year's Eve gathering right on Lake Superior a few years back. They love spending time in nature together, and after David proposed this spring on a camping trip we all knew the great North was the best and only spot for their photos. 

We're in love with the images from their adventurous, playful, and powerful session, and we're so excited to watch them make it official in October.

PS. Sarah is a designer for Target, so we knew she'd bring the outfit game, but this dress!? *Swoon*