Leigh and Brian / Northeast, Minneapolis Uppercut Boxing Gym Wedding Photographer

In this corner... Leigh & Brian's Uppercut Boxing Gym wedding! Full of intimate moments, autumn vibes, and personal touches (including a custom home brew made by the bride and groom), this day and these people have such a special place in our hearts πŸ‚πŸ’™πŸ» 

PS. Mi Mi Design are creative powerhouses, helping Leigh & Brian's vision of community, creativity, and quirkiness come to life in such a genuine way. You go Mi Mi.

Vendors that made the day:
Mi Mi Weddings (planning, floral and stationary)
Uppercut Boxing Gym
Flutter Boutique / Theia Couture
D'Amico Catering
Instant Request
Kingsley Chamber Players
Onsite Muse
Luminous Beauty
Linden Leaf Design (invites)