Phil and Tom / St Louis, MO Wedding

We're always so honored to book weddings based on referrals from past Clients - it's truly amazing to see the trust and bond we grow with our couples extend to those they love. Therefore when we booked Phil and Tom's day, after meeting them at Phil's son's wedding, we were psyched!

We ventured to St. Louis to meet up with the crew for a very special weekend of family bonding in the heart of the city, elegant and simple plans, and powerful emotion. Tom and Phil's ceremony in particular was something we'll never forget. More a public declaration of their love and commitment to each other than a traditional officiated ceremony, the words spoken were so raw, honest, and passionate. The love between these two is real, through and through, and it's humbling to be in the presence of a connection with so much depth.

Here's to keeping it in the family!

Vendors that made the day:
Chase Park Plaza, St Louis
True Norse Films