J&J's Timeline Survey

Hi there! We are so pumped to be a part of your upcoming wedding. Please use this survey to fill in anything that is relevant to your day. From your answers we'll create a final working timeline and VIP lists for you to approve. This follows a more 'conventional' wedding timeline, so let us know if anything doesn't make sense for your day.

Questions welcome should they come up - we're always happy to provide recommendations about how things can flow as smoothly as possible. Also feel free to check back in on our Wedding Photo Prep guide for tips and FAQs. Thank you so much for taking the time to fill this out!


Wedding date *
Wedding date
A good rule of thumb for our start and end time is '90 minutes before the dress goes on' and about one hour after first dances are done. Keep in mind hours booked on contract - we're happy to add hours at $200 each.
We'll split up to photograph candid photos, details, finishing touches, and a few portraits of each of you. We recommend brides schedule their hair/makeup early in the lineup of appointments, so that we can start first look and couple portraits while everyone is finishing up. We also recommend leaving ~30 minutes to put on your dress before the first look. TIP REMINDER: if possible please choose getting ready rooms that have plenty of natural light, the ability to turn off mixed yellow overhead lighting, and not a lot of clutter. This will help add a major level of elegance to your getting ready photos! Yellow lightbulbs/floursecents impact our photos pretty dramatically, and makeup applied in this lighting can cause yellow/green skin in photos since we shoot in natural light for the rest of the day. A pro makeup artist will know this, but let's communicate with your hair/makeup artists ahead of time so that we're all on the same page about the lighting conditions that will work best for all of us. They're welcome to use our photos for their portfolio afterward!
Which organized photos will we be shooting before the ceremony (general location)?
We typically build in about 45-60 minutes of time for couple portraits cumulatively throughout the day. Around sunset twilight is the best lighting of the day. The 'next best' time for portraits is right after your first look when you're both fresh and excited, and/or right after the ceremony. We will quote the amount of time we need for group photos based on the number of people and groupings you list below. As a general rule of thumb build in 60-90 minutes for wedding party photos and 30-60 minutes for family photos. This incorporates a bit of extra breathing room in case anything is running late, and so people feel less rushed and more relaxed. Family photos can be done before or after (or a little bit of both). We often do immediate family photos before, saving larger/extended groups for later when everyone arrives. We always schedule to be done with organized photos at least 30 minutes before your ceremony so that you have time to re-group before such an important part of the day.
If so, we recommend building in ~45 minutes for this activity depending on guest count.
Which organized photos will we be shooting after the ceremony and where (general location)?
First dances?
We will be capturing all of these things as we document the day, but since people have differnet preferences please let us know your top 2 photography priorities:

VIP LISTS - WEdding party and family

Who will we be formally photographing on your big day? These answers give us an introduction to the VIPs in your life. It also helps us stay as organized as possible so we can capture anyone you would like to have images with. 

Please start a new line for each person
Please start a new line for each person
Which of the following breakdowns of people would you like photographed?
These are 'conventional' options - please feel free to add any other combination that better fits your wedding.
Please list the names and specific groupings (breakdowns) of family members you would like to have formally photographed with you. Keep time in mind when making this list: plan for about 3 minutes per grouping. Because breakdown lists can get long quickly, we suggest keeping this general rule of thumb in mind: will someone likely want to print this photo? Sometimes one big group photo does the trick over lots of intricate breakdowns! *Please remember to inform each participant where to be and when on the wedding day*


Let us know the applicable vendors who are helping to create your vision of your day! We'll use these to send them any photos we take of their work, and in case we submit photos to any publications or blogs.


Thank you so much for answering all of these questions! It makes our job 10x easier, and will make your wedding day run much more smoothly with everyone on the same page. From your answers we will generate a timeline draft, and let you know if we have any questions or suggestions.

You're the best and we are SO excited.
XO, Jen & Joe